Do you have a stiff pet or know someone who has? Explore the K-Laser! :D   K-Lasers are a therapeutic treatment that non-invasively help to reduce pain and inflammation and accelerate tissue regeneration. The K-Laser promotes increased circulation by drawing oxygen and nutrients to the affected area. - this then helps to create [...]


How can a Pet Health Plan benefit my pet?


There are two types of veterinary care that we at Lime Trees - like any other practice, for that matter - offer. The first is what everyone thinks of - treating sick, injured or ill animals. And this is really important, and really satisfying to us, as well as being incredibly important for you! We [...]

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Case Study: Lottie, the Pug with breathing problems


REFERRAL CASE: Lottie the Pug Lottie is a 5-year-old Pug who came to see Horatio due to her breathing problems. For most of her life, she had struggled to exercise and would collapse whenever she was excited - her tongue would turn blue and she made choking sounds. Understandably, this was very worrying for both Lottie and [...]

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How to have a stress-free firework season with your pet


  Remember, remember your pets this November! Whilst firework displays are great fun for us humans, our four-legged friends can find loud noises and bright flashes stressful and confusing. Here are our top tips for making this firework season run as smoothly as possible: Feed and exercise your pets early in the evening before the [...]

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  You may have seen Abi & Lizzie many times before at Lime Trees Vets in their stripey uniform, stripes meaning they are Student Veterinary Nurses. We are SO PROUD to announce they have both now lost their stripes and are now Greenies.. which in vet terms means Registered Veterinary Nurses! They have [...]

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Fleas and Worms – How to Break the Cycle


Many of our pet cats and dogs (and even small furries!) will pick up fleas or worms at some point in their life. These pesky parasites live either inside our pets’ digestive tracts, on their skin, or in our homes and can cause a variety of unpleasant symptoms. From showing no signs to itching, or [...]

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Old age – it’s not a disease!


-written by Amy Stamp BVM BVS MRCVS As a vet I see patients of all shapes, sizes, and ages every day. It is not uncommon to see an elderly animal for an annual booster whose owner describes as fit and well apart from ‘slowing down’. But the truth is, age isn’t a disease! We see [...]

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How can our nurses help keep your pet healthy & happy?


Did you know that May is Veterinary Nurse Awareness Month? This gives us an opportunity to focus on the great work our nurses do, and how they can support you in keeping your pets healthy! Coming to the vets is not just about seeing the vet when your pet is sick - our nurses are [...]

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A Day in The Life of a Veterinary Nurse


Ever wondered what a day in the life of a veterinary nurse at Lime Trees Vets looks like? 7:00am – Arrive at the hospital for handover of the inpatients from the emergency service team Vets Now. 7:30am – Inpatient nurses take canine patients out for their morning walk. They then take the temperature, heart and [...]

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