How to Perform a DIY Nose-to-Tail Health Check on Your Pet


Here are a few tips to follow to perform a nose-to-tail health check on your pet at home. (Note: These points are simply a guide and may suggest things to look out for. If you notice that your pet is injured or unwell, please contact Lime Trees Vets at your earliest convenience and do not [...]

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Introduction To Heart Disease In Dogs & Cats


As we’ve just had Valentine’s Day, we thought we would give you a little introduction to heart disease in dogs and cats, and specifically to the more difficult to diagnose rhythm conditions. These occur when the electrical signals in the heart get confused and can be a result of more common heart conditions, other diseases, [...]

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What to do if your cat is lost?


It's something that is every cat parent's worst nightmare, but what can you do if your beloved feline is lost? Report your cat missing to local vets: If people find a lost or injured pet, they tend to take them to their own veterinary practice, therefore make sure you try all vets in the area, [...]

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Common Cat Toxins


Look out for these common cat toxins that may pose a risk to your feline friends at this time of year: Flowers (particularly lillies): all parts of the plant are toxic and cause kidney damage if ingested. Even simply brushing up against the flowers and then grooming themselves can cause accidental ingestion and may be [...]

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Happy Heart Health Month!


We are making February HEART HEALTH month, and we will be bringing you all things related to your pet's ticker. To kick off Heart Health month, here are a few symptoms to look out for that may be a telltale sign of heart problems: Exercise intolerance. Keep an eye out for: reluctance to go on [...]

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New Year’s Reductions?


Have you made any New Year Resolutions? According to one study, the most popular resolution is to lose weight or get in shape! However, while we are all aware of the risks to human health from the “obesity crisis”, did you know that there are equal concerns about animal health? How many pets are actually [...]

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What can help a pet with arthritis?


Fortunately, there are many ways we can help a pets with arthritis. Weight control is vital in arthritis management; most older pets have arthritis in their limb joints or spine, so carrying excess weight will increase their pain. Body weight is not always reliable as older animals lose muscle naturally but can still carry fat. [...]

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Preparing your pet for fireworks


Every year fireworks are set off, giving many animals anxiety and often – sadly – causing them to run away. Most animals have a very good sense of hearing meaning these fireworks seem louder to them than they do to us. Fortunately, there are plenty of things you can do to help your pet cope. [...]

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Home Alone?


With many of us working longer and longer hours, our pets are, sadly, having to be left on their own, often for prolonged periods during a day. Most cats are fine with this, being generally self-contained and self-sufficient animals, but dogs find it more of a trial. While most dogs will adapt (even if they [...]

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