Covid-19 Update 3rd November 2020


Covid-19 Pandemic veterinary procedures update Lime Trees Vets 3rd November 2020 During the ongoing situation, our top priority is remaining open and continuing to provide excellent patient care, as we have throughout the pandemic. To do this, our vets and nurses have to work closely together in shifts, whilst wearing PPE. In order to safeguard [...]

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Covid-19 Update 2nd September 2020


Covid-19 Pandemic veterinary procedures update  Lime Trees Vets 2nd September 2020 We wanted to update you with regards to our Cheadle clinic. As you may be aware, we have been closed at Cheadle since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. As children are returning to schools, track and trace systems are in place and local [...]

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Covid-19 update (15th April 2020)


Covid-19 Pandemic veterinary procedures update - Lime Trees Vets (15th April 2020) The RCVS and BVA have issued updated guidance to help vets decide what types of work are appropriate to carry out at this time. As always, all decisions have been made in order to help slow the spread of COVID-19, protect the NHS [...]

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Covid-19 update (26th March 2020)


  Coronavirus Update - Lime Trees Vets (26th March 2020) At Lime Trees Vets our priority is the safety of Our Clients, Our Team and Our Patients as well as playing our part in protecting the wider public. Because of the situation we find ourselves in, we need to ensure that we are following advice [...]

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How to change your pet’s food gradually


How to change your pet's food gradually   If you decide to swap your pet's food to a different brand, then please follow our recommended steps: Change over your pet's food gradually using the clock system. This means 3/4 of the old food, to 1/4 new food. Then 1/2 and 1/2, progressing to 3/4 of [...]

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5 reasons to make sure your pet’s food is specifically for their life stage…


5 reasons to make sure your pet's food is specifically for their life stage... Here are 5 reasons to make sure that your pet's food is designed specifically for their life stage: Puppies and kittens that are growing require pet food with a higher protein level and a higher calorie count than most mature dogs [...]

5 reasons to make sure your pet’s food is specifically for their life stage…2020-03-19T18:12:19+00:00

Coronavirus and your pets


Coronavirus & your pets We have been getting quite a few questions about Coronvirus and pets so have done a short video which will hopefully answer your questions. The video also shows how to handwash properly following the World Health Organisations protocol. Please share this video with your friends & help spread awareness of [...]

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Do you have a stiff pet or know someone who has? Explore the K-Laser! :D   K-Lasers are a therapeutic treatment that non-invasively help to reduce pain and inflammation and accelerate tissue regeneration. The K-Laser promotes increased circulation by drawing oxygen and nutrients to the affected area. - this then helps to create [...]

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