Old age – it’s not a disease!


-written by Amy Stamp BVM BVS MRCVS As a vet I see patients of all shapes, sizes, and ages every day. It is not uncommon to see an elderly animal for an annual booster whose owner describes as fit and well apart from ‘slowing down’. But the truth is, age isn’t a disease! We see [...]

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How can our nurses help keep your pet healthy & happy?


Did you know that May is Veterinary Nurse Awareness Month? This gives us an opportunity to focus on the great work our nurses do, and how they can support you in keeping your pets healthy! Coming to the vets is not just about seeing the vet when your pet is sick - our nurses are [...]

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A Day in The Life of a Veterinary Nurse


Ever wondered what a day in the life of a veterinary nurse at Lime Trees Vets looks like? 7:00am – Arrive at the hospital for handover of the inpatients from the emergency service team Vets Now. 7:30am – Inpatient nurses take canine patients out for their morning walk. They then take the temperature, heart and [...]

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Keeping Pets Safe at Easter


Easter is a time for catch-ups with family and friends, welcoming spring into your home with brightly coloured flowers, searching for eggs and eating delicious roast dinners. Unfortunately, this can mean a house (and garden) full of temptation and dangers for your pets which you may not even be aware of. Read on to find [...]

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A Guide to Pet Insurance


Pet Insurance can seem daunting to new and seasoned pet owners alike. With so many different policies and companies to choose from, it can be confusing to know which is the right one for you and your pet. While this is a personal choice, we can help by providing you with a few things to [...]

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How to Perform a DIY Nose-to-Tail Health Check on Your Pet


Here are a few tips to follow to perform a nose-to-tail health check on your pet at home. (Note: These points are simply a guide and may suggest things to look out for. If you notice that your pet is injured or unwell, please contact Lime Trees Vets at your earliest convenience and do not [...]

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Introduction To Heart Disease In Dogs & Cats


As we’ve just had Valentine’s Day, we thought we would give you a little introduction to heart disease in dogs and cats, and specifically to the more difficult to diagnose rhythm conditions. These occur when the electrical signals in the heart get confused and can be a result of more common heart conditions, other diseases, [...]

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What to do if your cat is lost?


It's something that is every cat parent's worst nightmare, but what can you do if your beloved feline is lost? Report your cat missing to local vets: If people find a lost or injured pet, they tend to take them to their own veterinary practice, therefore make sure you try all vets in the area, [...]

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Common Cat Toxins


Look out for these common cat toxins that may pose a risk to your feline friends at this time of year: Flowers (particularly lillies): all parts of the plant are toxic and cause kidney damage if ingested. Even simply brushing up against the flowers and then grooming themselves can cause accidental ingestion and may be [...]

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