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Do different breeds of dog have different personalities?

All dogs are unique. Every dog is a sentient individual who may be very atypical for the breed, or may be a textbook example. So yes, dogs DO have different personalities which you can’t predict until you spend time becoming their friend. That said, the breed DOES influence that personality. Dogs are such a diverse [...]

Keeping your rabbit safe over summer

In the summer months, there are three major risks to our bunnies - flystrike, heat stroke, and myxomatosis. It’s essential to know how to protect our pets from these killers, especially in the high-risk months ahead. Flystrike Also known as “myiasis”, this is a really nasty condition, usually resulting from rabbits having a mucky back [...]

Fleas, Worms, and Ticks – Defeating these nasty parasites!

Our pets are constantly under attack by a wide range of nasty little critters. In this blog, we’ll take a brief spin through the most important parasites, and then look at how to kill them! Fleas are probably the parasite that most often causes problems. There are several different species, but the Cat Flea Ctenocephalides [...]

Can a Vet Nurse diagnose my pet?

This is an interesting question that gets right to the heart of the distinction between a vet nurse and a vet (or, as they’re legally termed, veterinary surgeon). The Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966 All medical or surgical treatment of animals in the UK is governed by the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966. This clearly states that [...]